Polymer Composite and Materials Laboratory

Dr. Michael J. Bortner

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
​Virginia Tech
Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2003
M.Eng., Virginia Tech, 2002
B.S., Penn State, 1998 

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech (2015-present)

Adjunct Professor, Virginia Tech, Materials Science and Engineering (2008-present)

Lecturer/Instructor, Virginia Tech Chemical Engineering (2013-2015)

Senior Process Engineer, Nuvotronics LLC (2013)

Vice President of Manufacturing Process Development, NanoSonic, Inc. (2003-2013)   
Research Interests

  • Specialty: Polymer nanocomposites; nanostructured materials and surfaces; polymer morphology and structure-property relationships; surface and interface phenomena in polymers

  • Applications: Additive manufacturing, composite processing, smart materials, advanced materials, structural composites, multifunctional coatings

  • Expertise: Nanomaterial dispersion and characterization, manufacturing process development, novel nanocomposite characterization techniques, transport at polymer / particle interfaces and in multi-phase systems


Photo by T. Weiseman
Polymer Composite and Materials Laboratory​
Department of Chemical Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
Phone: 540-231-4213
Fax: 540-231-5022
[email protected]
Honors and Awards

2019 - Virginia Tech College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Advisor Award from the Student Engineers' Council (SEC)

2015 - Sporn Award for Excelle​nce in Undergraduate Education, Virginia Tech College of Engineering

2014-2015 - Virginia Tech Chemical Engineering Professor of the Year, Omega Chi Epsilon(National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering)  

2011 - R&D 100 Award
Courses Taught

CHE 3114: Fluid Transport
CHE 4014: Unit Operations Laboratory

CHE 4014: Unit Operations Laboratory - at Technical University of Denmark
CHE 4185: Process and Plant Design I
CHE 4186: Process and Plant Design II

CHE 4974: Independent Study
CHE 4994: UG Research
CHE 4994H: Honors UG Research
MACR 5016: Macromolecular Fundamentals with Laboratory II